Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Minnewaska State Park is one of my most requested engagement photo locations. It is all around the PERFECT locations for any type of photos, including elopements or a small wedding.

My favorite part about Minnewaska is how diverse it is, giving your gallery so much variety. It looks like we traveled to multiple locations that are completely different, but everything is right in the park and with in a few minute drive from each other.


The first location I like to start at is Awosting Falls. This trail is a 1 mile walk out and back concrete path. It's slightly steep but is a generally easy walk.

The waterfall was flowing harder than I've ever seen after getting a ton of rain and washing all of the snow away. I kept Olivia and Tyler on that rock for a few minutes to grab photos but we ended up taking advantage of a few different spots because they were getting covered in mist from the waterfall! The light was beaming through the trees so perfectly.

"The Cliffs"

The second location I take my couples to is what I like to call "The Cliffs" at the very top you're on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Minnewaska with the Shawangawk Mountain Ridge as its backdrop. To get there, you'll follow a very steep narrow and windy road up to the upper parking lot. From there you can head up to the cliffs. Again, a very mind walk up a cement path out and back, and probably around 1 mile total. We stopped several times along the way to grab some photos while waiting for the sun to drop down a bit more. You'll pass by several view points along the way as well as cross a really cool wooden bridge.

The cliffs at golden hour into blue hour is truly one of my favorite things. There are so many photo opportunities and it's all around stunning. At the very end, Olivia and Tyler popped a bottle of champagne and enjoyed it as the sun fell behind the mountains.

Other Things to know about Minnewaska:

It does get crowded, especially in the warmer months and on the weekends.

There is a $10.00 fee to enter the park.

The closing times here vary, make sure to check the website to see what time the park closes so you can plan accordingly!

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