Dog Lover, Coffee Drinker, Van Dweller, Hiker, Traveler, Photographer and so much more

I'm Jenna

I was born and raised in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York but am in love with all that New York has to offer.

I’ve had a camera in my hand as early as I can remember, my first models being childhood dolls. It was no surprise when I decided to take the path less traveled to pursue my creative passions at The Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2016.

After several career changes I decided to drop everything and move into a mini van to travel the country. I fell in love with everything van life has to offer. National Parks, wildlife, the smell of pine trees, mountains, pit toilets (kidding), eating every meal outside, watching the sun rise with a cup of coffee in hand, and most importantly photography.

That’s what brought me here! I’ve now visited 47 states and 33 of our National Parks and am so passionate about capturing love in beautiful places.

Adirondack elopement photographer

My other job is a

I'm obsessed with:

elopement photographer glacier national park lake Macdonald

Veterinary Assistant

My dog Sadie

My secret talent

Where I feel most alive

Sleeping through anything

Somewhere new

I’m addicted to

My perfect hobby



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I cant wait to help you plan the day of your dreams

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